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Great News to Share

It is our honor and pleasure to announce that Sandy Clark, Administrative School Secretary at Live Oak Elementary School has been selected as the 2018/19 FUESD District Employee of the Year.  Sandy has worked at Live Oak Elementary since 2002, and as many of you know she is always extremely helpful, is a masterful multi-tasker, is responsive, and consistently maintains a friendly and positive attitude. Sandy's desk is described by her co-workers as a "place of comfort to both students and staff, where you can always receive the warm hug and sweet smile you need."  
Also, we are very pleased to announce that Lindsay Cato, kindergarten teacher at San Onofre School has been selected as the FUESD District Teacher of the Year.  Lindsay has been teaching with FUESD for nine years, and has spent the last 3 years teaching kindergarten.  Lindsay is extremely well respected by students, staff, and parents.  Lindsay Cato has always been very student centered. She puts student's needs first by building strong relationships with them, and also seeking to discover each students' unique needs, gifts, and strengths.  Lindsay's caring compassionate demeanor, and her "can do" positivity make her an excellent choice for FUESD's Teacher of the Year.